Keto Recipes


A compilation of Keto recipes I absolutely LOVE 💖.

Note :: Most of the Recipes aren’t created by me, links and credit will be attached to each recipe✌️.

Detailed Nutritional info is also attached to each recipe link 🙌.

(I’ll continue to update this BLOG post as I come across more recipes I’m in love with)

Awesome Keto Snacking/Cold Lunch Idea  🙌💖.


I personally love this idea , I got myself a multi-compartment storage container and went crazy making my own version of this delightfully delicious snack pack😋.

Keto Breads & Bagels

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This recipe is a weekly staple in our household!! so simple, versatile and delicious, I knock up 32 bagels every Sunday and they’re demolished by everyone by the next Sunday 😋🙌. Low carb and Low calories yayyy 💖💖.

heres the coconut flour version 👇. .

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I bake this loaf regularly too, as it’s not overly ‘eggy’ like a lot of the other loaves I’ve come across!! So good toasted and smothered with grass fed butter🙌😋. (Pic is of one of my recent baked loaves).

Couple other Keto loaf recipes I also love👇. . . . .

Desserts & Sweets 🍨

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This Keto chocolate mousse is a hit in our household, the kids absolutely wolf it down every time I make it!! 🤷‍♀️ Not gonna lie, I may jam my face in the bowl to get every last morsel too 😋😋🙌🙌💖.

DA00E60C-7B79-4DA1-B6A4-6AF88D5EBD76.jpeg .

HOLY CRAPBALLS BATMAN!!! These cheesecake brownies are DIVINE!! My man who definitely is NOT Keto nailed the entire batch of these !! Had to make more for myself 😆😆😋.  (Note:: my man eats what I eat otherwise he can starve, I’m not preparing 15 different meals everyday)!!


470EB0DD-3053-49A7-8DF6-6B44F817E5CB.jpeg .

This SUPER SIMPLE ice cream tastes amazing and is adaptable to many flavours, I just did vanilla and chocolate for my first go at it and they turned out perfectly!!

A few more sweet Keto recipes I adore👇 . . . . .


Keto Sauces & Savoury Options

D8246691-DCF8-4352-8D01-8BA42C8129B2.jpeg .

Another staple in our household is this awesome marinara sauce, I use it for pastas, lasagnas,  dipping my pork crackle & seed crackers into.

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These seed crackers are perfect for snacking or as a solid lunch topped with your fave meats, salads and condiments.


Working From Home 🏡 Yassss


So since January I’ve been working from home 🏡 and I frikken LOVE it!!

I thought I’d bore easily and NEED to be surrounded by adults to be stimulated… boy was I WRONG!!

Havent slowed since 👊👊💖. Kicking goals and Nailing my personal business targets 🎯.

I wish I’d made this leap wayyy earlier instead of sticking it out in the office and missing the kids milestones/achievements😢 , feeling terrible because I was unreachable at work when Darren(5yo) broke his arm at school because the Phone systems were down and weren’t allowed to have cell phones with us. I will never ever forget that day💔.AA2F5D86-A1F4-4E15-B40D-4797D6FC897D


Jump forward to now, I’ve pulled Darius(2yo) out of fulltime daycare , he only goes 2 days a week to hang with his best mate Finley (so freakin adorable seeing them together 😍)


Ive been there for all of Darren’s achievements and fun days at school 🙌💖💖.


I can’t wait to see what our future holds, The support from my partner has been unrelenting 💖💖 one of the many reasons I love him so dearly.

Now I am enjoying helping others with 90day Keto & Fitness challenges while also Making My Own bath bombs & beauty products to add some $$ to our household whilst still being present in our kids day to day lives and having time to keep ‘ME’ in order (emotionally,mentally & physically).

much love

Dee 💖💖


How I/We Survived Severe Post Natal Depression💔💝

:: A look inside my experience Being diagnosed & the long recovery with some amazing support from my partner, family and friends ::


My partner Dan (Born and Bred in New Zealand) and I met in March 2011 through mutual friends where we lived at Bribie Island, QLD Australia. We were both working a lot (Dan in the  underground mines and Me managing clubs in Brisbane ) and PARTYING SUPER hard (Which we’ve now thankfully got THAT out of our system, rarely even drink or go out now days) , we share a lot of similar interests re. Cars/music/computers/movies and after a couple failed attempts finally became ‘AN ITEM’ .

We mosie along living in our seperate places, both working our asses off and spending time together when Dan was home, as his job in Mount Isa was FIFO (Fly In Fly Out) rostered 2 weeks on 1 week off. Things in our relationship were going tremendously 💖💖.

A year passes and I start having MAJOR mood swings , cry at the smallest of things (sometimes nothing) and would start arguments for no reason (we literally never really argued prior to this ) , was hanging out with my sister and she suggested a pregnancy test .. and yup sure enough it was positive (I’d had a course of antibiotics and clearly misjudged the effectiveness of my contraception) , so that explained a WHOLE lot . (Later finding out I more then likely had PreNatal Depression, Which I didn’t even know was a thing)

Tell Dan , of course he’s excited, he’s a good dude so no worries there and his Mum is ecstatic  , my family super happy and supportive too!!

So we survive 40 weeks of a super uncomfortable pregnancy (no vomiting though so YAY) and I go into labour , boom 💥shit hits the fan ,  got a epidural at 9cm , where a nerve got slightly jarred (I still get random jolts of pain in that area) , Darren (FirstBorn) comes Super Fast after 1st stage of epidural (so I could still walk straight to the shower 🚿 felt like I was floating  ) .. during his fast arrival , I lost 9.5 units of blood and for some reason (I still can’t fathom) I refused a transfusion. (Which is what my Psychiatrist and I thinks might have been  enough to enhance if not initiate my impending Post Natal Depression)

From the birthing suite , were moved to a shared room with a lovely lady and her very very ill baby (I felt so sorry for them both) so we went home that day , because I felt it was better for everyone (turns out maybe it wasn’t)

Months pass and Darren is meeting (sometimes surpassing) all the milestones, We love him dearly , but I can’t seem to shake ‘The Baby Blues’ and make a few too many worrying remarks (like “maybe I won’t come home” when going to the shops etc) , still instigating massive arguments for what seemed like no reason and just wanting to sleep all the time (not wanting to participate in anything) to the point that my Brother and Sister in law spent so much time at our place helping with Darren , even taking him to their place for a night every couple weeks , because the situation was getting so dire between Dan and I . Darren always was loved, treated well and kind of ‘shielded’ from seeing my ‘Episodes’ Which I am ever thankful for.

During a massive ‘Melt Down’ as we began to refer to my episodes,  I’d managed to put a hole in the wall and a steak knife through my pinky finger severing 3 tendons and requiring surgery  (I’ve never ever been one to break things or hurt myself out of anger, so this was very very out of character) I was losing myself , we were frightened for our happiness and  my mental well being. This was the trigger for me/us taking that first step to get HELP.

I talk to dan and suggest I go see our doctor , which he then told me he’s been thinking the same aswell but didn’t know how to approach the subject without me going BATSHIT crazy, so we go see my doctor and tell him exactly what’s going on . And we begin a long and tiresome process of waiting on referrals and appointments, finally We get the right referrals to see a fantastic psychiatrist at Pine Rivers Private Hospital , she prescribed medication for me being daily SSRI’s and Mood stabilisers…. while taking those meds I banged on sooooo much weight as it suppressed my metabolism (I  still remember joking about it  “ how making us crazy people also fat is kinda mean”  , luckily my awesome psychiatrist ‘got’ my humour and laughed along with me 😆) .

But all jokes aside , the medication was doing its thing , I was a slightly numbed version of myself which was hard , but I wasn’t angry and sad all the time allowing me the energy and motivation to ‘find myself’ again, work through how to make well thought out choices again and most importantly THINK RATIONALLY AGAIN .

Now 5 years on, I’ve felt like ‘ME’ again for a good 3.5 years now , we have had a second gorgeous boy Darius (only slight symptoms easily mamanged considering we are equipped with the tools to deal with alot now ) and am thankful for all the help and support I received (even when I didn’t want but definitely needed it), Darren (5yo) is nailing it at school and just generally is an amazing son.

Taking that initial ‘First Step’ is the biggest turning point for me in recovering from my Severe Post Natal Depression, and if I was to offer one piece of advice to anyone going through/watching someone else go through similar struggles is; take that first step , it opens up the pathway for the rest of your recovery .

I now am basking in the glory of watching my Brother and Sister in laws journey with their first pregnancy 🤰 knowing they are going to be OUTSTANDING parents , without them and their unrelenting help, I don’t know that we would’ve come out of these struggles the solid family unit we are today.


Thanks for reading

Much Love 💖


Selling up and Shipping Out … (well flying out ☺️)

Join me whilst I tell you a little story about US and our adventure moving from Australia to New Zealand.

We were a young-ish Couple And parents to a fantastic 3yo with chronic asthma as well as me being Heavily pregnant with second child 🤰.

A couple who’d had enough of the recurring struggles that seemed to keep popping up where we were living in Queensland  , don’t get me wrong they were mostly self created struggles , financial and otherwise🙄🤷‍♀️.

So we had a REAL adult talk, no banter or turning everything into a joke and no yelling when we don’t agree with each other ….. a REAL ADULT TALK .. This talk resulted in a big decision, To put the house on the market , pack up everything we actually wanted (got rid of so much useless stuff we didn’t want/need) fill a shipping container and Fly to Gisborne, New Zealand 🇳🇿. A lovely piece of the east coast on the North Island 🌴 🏖 where Dan (dad/partner) was born and bred . The house prices are predominantly cheaper (to buy/ definitely not to rent though) and the schools are much smaller and seem somewhat more personal 🤷‍♀️.

Darren who was 3 at that time, was outstanding with the entire process  , I suppose we were lucky in that regard , him being only 3yo and not too many attachments had been created that were going to be severed(ie; friends, schooling etc) as most of my family come over This way to visit yearly 💖💖.

We moved into Dans parents house for a month until our house was ready for us to move into , and all our things had arrived from Australia (sending your stuff by boat , takes a very very very long time 😆) also note Dans parents and our new place  are literally around the corner from each other , so big big yay that.

During that month at Dans parents Darius our second born arrived , 12 days overdue  but healthy as ever  💖 so kept my shit together with a new born , basically living with the in laws , of course OUR house took an extra 2 weeks to be ready 🙄, but it actually was quite amazing having Grandma there to help with all the newborn fun 😆.

6 weeks passes , our Shipping container full of stuff FINALLY arrives and our house is ready , yassssss !! What I hadn’t put thought into, was the fact that our stuff wasn’t going to all fit!!ahhhh 😧😧.. we’d gone from a 4brm 2bth massive house in Australia to a 3brm 1bath tiny place here in NZ , but hey new journey , new choices , problem easy solved👍. Sold a heap of stuff on buy\sell sites and did my best with what we had to come up with a comfy, cute,  ‘lived in’ Home 🏡.

Now almost 3 years on , Darren is 5yo and in primary school, Darius is 2.5yo and loving daycare (even has a little best mate named Finley 😍)  aswell as learning heaps from his big brother💖💖.

And ontop of all that Dan and I have never been better , sure we still have the usual arguments (which mostly fall around ‘that time of the month’ lol) but we love each other unconditionally and have zero animosity or secrecy, which I saw so much of happening around us back home😞, we just needed to get away and start fresh.

Might not be the right thing for everyone, But it most certainly has turned out to be the right thing for US 💖💖💖💖

Much love

Dee 🌟



First blog post

Introducing Me 💖

Here I am sat here trying to figure out how to introduce my Mummy self in this fast paced fabulous world of blogging.

So here goes , I’m Dee (Deahn) a 31yo Aussie, born and bred in south east Queensland, now living in a sunny town called Gisborne on the east coast of New Zealand. With my amazing partner Dan and our two crazy lovable boys Darren (5yo) and Darius (2yo)  , whom of course always keep my on my toes .. read on for explanation of how 😆.

About 5 mins before beginning this post I arrived home from picking up some milk (literally a 10minute trip) to somewhat of a calamitous situation, firstly I got greeted with some big smiles and proud faces because Darren had just picked his first beans off our plants in the veggie garden, and then I here a yelp from down the hallway, arrive to see Darius has taken it upon himself to flick every single one of Darren’s TINY quixel squares all over the bedroom.

FUN right ….. NOT … so I bellow at my man Dan “what have you been doin, ignoring Darius completely while I was out??” Which I know full well he wouldn’t have been , just needed to yell at someone 😆. his response being typically (annoyingly) laid back is “Darius came out every couple of minutes so I didn’t think I needed to go see what he was doing … “ Tell ya what , I rolled my eyes so I hard I’m sure I saw my frontal lobe…. I proceed to pick up every single one of those annoying little demon squares on my own, because I’d spitefully told everyone to piss off lol managers to ‘Calm my Farm’  and am now writing this blog before I start dinner .. (might be vengefully making the household wait an extra 20 mins for dinner now 😂😂 #SoMean )

So there goes , first Blog down 👏 , I hope it was relatively easy to follow and somewhat fun to read and amusing .

Feedback and Constructive criticism welcomes (no trolling or mean stuff though please)

To you ‘The Reader’ have yourself a fabulous day/night wherever in the world you may be 💖💖✌️